Assessment Think Tank



Think Tank members do more than participate. They lead the discussion as a panel moderator, panel member, or online table discussion leader.  In order to inform your thoughts and reactions to the authentic assessments that will be discussed, we have provided some background information below.

UW Madison's, Union South *  Friday, March 13th from 10:00 to 2:30 * Lunch is Provided * Printable Flier



Overview of Formats Used

What is an Edcamp?

Example of a Fishbowl Discussion with a Back Channel


Overview of Frameworks


 Dr. Scott Peters, UW Whitewater

Measuring the Growth of Advanced Learners


The Center for Authentic Intellectual Work

Authentic Intellectual Framework

Authentic Instruction Assessment Blue Book

Implementation of the Authentic Intellectual Framework in Schools

AIW in pratice: IOWA Department of Education


World Class Instructional Design (WIDA)


 Assessing the Arts

Participatory Media Spaces: A Design Perspective on Learning with Media and Technology in the Twenty-First Century


WCATY's Assessment Model

WCATY Think like A... 

WCATY's Stages of Expertise


Wisconsin RtI Center

RtI Systems


Epistemic Games Group

Overview of Epistemic Games

Assessing Learning in the 21st Century