Call Out to WCATY Alumni

WCATY is built on the gratitude of its students, the pride of its parents, and the loyalty of its community.

As a WCATY alumnus, you are part of one of the many generations of students who have benefited from access to quality educational programs, social opportunities, and an intellectual home. Your continued involvement in the WCATY organization means current and future students will not only continue to have that same access, but also be able to connect with and follow in the footsteps of experts such as yourselves. 

Whether it’s been two years or twenty years since your involvement in WCATY, you still have a home with us. Please consider taking on an active role in the WCATY community in one or more of the following ways:


Share Your Time

Attend the annual WCATY reunion. (See information below.)
Check the WCATY blog, Curious Minds for updated news, profiles, and student work.
Complete the online WCATY Alumni Survey




Share Your Talents

Apply to be a Summer Resident Assistant or Educational Assistant. You can check out the "About" section of the webpage for employment information.
Volunteer to be an expert guest speaker for a WCATY summer or academy class. Classes take place all over the state and maybe even in your backyard.
Sign up to be a WCATY mentor to a current WCATY student exploring your field of study. 


Share Your Treasure

Sign up your own kids for a WCATY summer camp or work with your child’s school to sign them up for an online Academy class.
Invest in the education of the next generation of WCATY kids with a financial donation.




Annual WCATY Alumni and Community Reunion

The WCATY reunion is a great way to connect with old friends, meet the new generation of WCATY kid, and even re-experience some of the WCATY atmosphere you remember. After its first installment during the 2014 summer, the Alumni and Community reunion will take place the first Friday night of the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) on the UW-Madison Campus. This is typically one of the last Fridays in June. The 2018 reunion will take place on Friday, July 6th on the UW-Madison campus. Watch the WCATY Facebook page for more information and pictures from previous events, classes, and camps.