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Center for Talent Development

Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS) offers valid assessment and targeted resources to help gifted students in Midwestern states reach their full potential. Grade-level assessments have low "ceilings" that make them inappropriate for finding gifted students' strengths and monitoring their academic growth. Through NUMATS, students in grades 3-6 take the EXPLORE test typically administered in grade 8 for high school placements. Students in grades 7-9 take the ACT or SAT tests, providing practice on college entrance exams in a low-stakes environment. Through a secure NUMATS Online Toolbox, participants receive a comprehensive assessment report including test scores and comparison percentiles, personalized academic recommendations, and access to a curated set of resources for academic planning and talent development. A companion Educator Toolbox provides classroom and professional development resources to help your child's teachers keep gifted students challenged and engaged. Students may also qualify for special recognition through annual awards events.
Through NUMATS, parents and teachers can help gifted students find a path from high potential to exceptional achievement. For more information or to register, visit www.ctd.northwestern.edu/numats or call 847/481-3782 extension 3. Fee waivers are available for qualified students with financial need.


The Wisconsin Association for Talented and Gifted (WATG) is a non-profit organization of parents,students, educators, business and industry personnel, and other interested persons who are dedicated to fostering a climate in the home, school, and community that allows each individual to reach his or her unique potential. WATG maintains a statewide Board of Directors, representing educators, school administrators, parents, business, and higher education. The organization was formed in 1993, and is the result of the merging of two former organizations, WAEGT and WCGT, which had been functioning since 1973.

WATG’s mission is to provide assistance in meeting the varied needs of gifted and talented individuals and their advocates. We believe that the opportunity for maximizing human potential is both a right and a necessity. Therefore, our outreach efforts - educational opportunities, resources, and ongoing support - reflect our commitment to this goal.

Racine Community Foundation

Racine Community Foundation, a proud sponsor of WCATY Online Academy,  is a unique organization that operates as the center of service for dozens of community organizations. Working to serve the highest needs of both donors and the community, the Racine Community Foundation strives to continuously improve and enhance the quality of life for the people of Racine County and works to be the catalyst that inspires others to do the same.



 An estimated 3,000,000 gifted children sit in classrooms across the U.S. today. Because learning styles and levels vary widely, the needs of "smart kids" are far too often overlooked in the logical quest to meet minimum standards.  But that begs the question:  What is a maximum standard and how can we shift the focus in the U.S.? For over 50 years, NAGC has worked to increase public awareness about these key questions and to affect positive change. The 8,000+ members of NAGC work on behalf of these 3,000,000 students who represent a good portion of the oft-heralded "pipeline of talent. Luis J. Rodriguez, an award-winning author and Chicano activist once said "It is not enough to prepare our children for the world; we also must prepare the world for our children." We owe it to ourselves and to future generations to help prepare the world of education for gifted students.Thus, NAGC invests all of its resources to train teachers, encourage parents and educate administrators and policymakers on how to develop and support gifted children and what's at stake if high-potential learners are not challenged and encouraged.