WCATY Student Council

There is an exciting initiative happening at WCATY! The “WCATYStudent Council,” made up of middle school and high school students, will be entrusted with the responsibility to provide feedback, offer insight, and create social opportunities for their peers. Previous leadership experience is not a requirement for participation. It is open to students who have untapped leadership potential as well as students who may need another outlet for their creative and intellectual ideas. Please visit the WCATY Facebook page to nominate your student or others you may know. If you have questions, please contact WCATY at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Math 24

WCATY partners with WATG to host the Math 24 competition at UW Madison during two different dates in the Spring. The students are split up into two different regions, North and South, as well as two different age groups for this tournament style math competition. As the name suggests, Math 24 is all about using the numbers on the card to come up with the the number 24. Watch the WCATY website, WCATY Facebook page, or contact your school WATG representative to learn more about the 2015 dates.



Geeking Out Events

 Over the course of the year, there are events around Wisconsin which WCATY feels are awesome extensions of challenge, appropriate for all age groups. For example, during 2014, some of thee "Geeking Out" events included the Science Expeditions, Music Events, The Washburn Observatory, Nature Walks, Arts Exhibits, and more! These events and activities are hosted by other educational and outreach groups in the community. Watch for WCATY's suggestions for cool things to do in emails, on Facebook, and on the WCATY website.