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The WCATY student council is for students who participate in the Academy and Summer Programs to take on a larger role in the WCATY community. If you are a middle school or high school student, you can get involved and stay connected with WCATY through the year! Meetings are usually held the last Monday of each month on the UW Madison campus in the Teacher Education Building.



The WCATY Facebook page will be the hub for Student Council information, nominations, and announcements. Nominate yourself or others for a Student Council position. The positions open on the WCATY Student Council Leadership team are President, Secretary, Academy Rep, ALP Rep, STEP Rep, PACE Rep, and YSSP Rep. You can also contact WCATY at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. During the first meeting of each new school year, the positions will be voted on. You do not have to have Student Council experience to run! 



What would you like to see happen at WCATY? Book Club, Social Events, Group Activities, Movie Discussions, Contests, Ambassadors, Alumni Connections, Others? You decide! During 2014, the WCATY student council held an alumni event at ALP, created informational posters, advised the WCATY professional staff on organizational related issues, made cards, started to put together a contest, and much more. The council is always open to new ideas and events.



Take your WCATY involvement to the next level. Challenge yourself, support others, and define what a WCATY GEEK looks like. The future of WCATY is in your hands. Are you ready for the challenge?

2013-2014 Officer Positions: Anna Cohen, Mika Hoecherl, Kyra Raines, Justine Mattson, Vaish Kumar, Elize Steinhoff, and Carl Pedersen

2014-2015 Officer Positions: Veronica Murdoch, Vaish Kumar, Elize Steinhoff, Carl Pedersen, Will Madel, Sam Eggert, and Valorie Schamens